Case Study

Implementing a Homebuyers Customer Satisfaction Program:

Implementing a Homebuyers Customer Satisfaction Program:

A Polaris Case Study

Polaris has successfully developed ongoing customer satisfaction tracking programs for clients in a variety of industries. Here’s an example of how customer feedback results convinced home builder supervisors on how they could increase homebuyer satisfaction.

Case Study: Arvida, a St. Joe Company


Now owned by the St. Joe Company, Arvida was known for its commitment to quality and excellence, with a goal of making every facility and service in their 60 master-planned communities the finest of its kind. Management needed an actionable, timely method for collecting customer feedback and every key touch point in the home buying and building process.


Build a comprehensive research program that surveys each and every homebuyer throughout the sales, construction and ownership processes to provide Arvida with a full understanding of the entire homebuying experience from the customers’ perspective. Management would then create internal processes that closely aligned with the customer satisfaction results.

Example of One of the Successful Outcomes of this Program:

A customer satisfaction driver analysis told Arvida that good communication was the most important quality to highly satisfied customers, while poor communication was negatively impacting customer evaluations of every aspect of the home-building experience. The customer relationship core group decided that the construction supervisors should call the customers once a week, every week, during the long construction phase to report on the progress for their house. The supervisors resisted, saying they’d be on the phone all the time, but were made to do it anyway. The next quarter, with the only process changed was the supervisor communication, every single measure of customer satisfaction improved over the previous quarter. The improvement in customer satisfaction was so obvious that supervisor resistance disappeared