Employee Research Offerings

Polaris’ Employee Satisfaction Research Offerings

Polaris’ Employee Satisfaction Research Offerings

There are several steps and considerations for conducting an effective employee satisfaction research project.


Survey Design

At Polaris, a typical employee satisfaction research program would provide employers with information on the overall drivers of satisfaction, satisfaction with individual elements of benefits and working conditions, and actionable recommendations for next steps. Specifically, employee perceptions of their job, benefits, work environment, manager or supervisor, and personal and career development are explored.
Our research is often customized to measure employee satisfaction importance, including the most unique elements of a company such as impressions of how aligned a company is with their mission statement and/or brand position. By asking the right questions, we uncover the true state of affairs, and recommend solutions to address areas needing improvement.
When research recommendations are implemented, it results in improved productivity, loyalty, and overall job satisfaction. An added benefit of conducting employee satisfaction research is that, in doing so, a company lets their employees know they are important, their opinions and suggestions matter, and there is a sincere desire to make the company an enjoyable place to work.

Survey Topics

Employee survey questions often cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:
Medical insurance
Vision and Dental insurance
Educational assistance
Training programs
Employee assistance (counseling, etc)
Employee loan plan
Employee mortgage plan
Pension plan (with additional voluntary contributions)
Employee referral program
Performance incentive plan
Uniform program

Employee Research Project Process

Project Methodology:
Qualitative research, in the form of focus groups, or in-depth interviews, is often a good starting point to uncover the issues that need to be explored in employee satisfaction research.
Following the qualitative phase, quantitative research is conducted. Typically, telephone or web-based surveys are administered and all results are handled with the strictest confidentiality. Online completion of surveys is often recommended as it allows Polaris to administer the survey to all employees simultaneously and provides the most expeditious turnaround.

Project Deliverables:

A typical employee satisfaction project includes the following services:
We start by having a pre-survey strategy session with all project team members to gain a thorough understanding of all objectives and capabilities to support the execution of the survey.
Survey Design: Working closely with our clients, we create a custom survey tailored to the organization’s objectives. After designing the survey with client input, we add programming instructions and run quality checks prior to programming. Most employee satisfaction surveys run about 15 minutes in length.
For web surveys, we provide a link to the online survey, as well as a draft email invitation for review and input. The link and invitation to the survey are ultimately sent to all employees, the link allowing employees to connect through the Internet to Polaris’ secure online Internet surveying service.
Polaris monitors results and, if necessary to improve response rate, we will send a second and third invitation to employees containing the survey link. If this is necessary, we provide a draft invitation for review. With most employee satisfaction projects, we complete interviews with at least 50% of employees.
Polaris will compile the results into separate toplines (frequency count reports) and cross tabulations. We will clean and edit verbatim responses to open-ended questions and code the responses. Our data analysis includes running statistical tests of differences among the quotas and the key demographic market segments. We will also conduct a driver analysis that will isolate the most important factors contributing to employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
Upon completion of the survey, we will prepare a text report summarizing the key actionable findings of the research in detail and will include our conclusions and recommendations. We also will present our analysis in a formal presentation, if desired.
Project Timing: Typically, a final report is available within 10 weeks of the agreement to start, depending on scheduling and holidays.
Contact us to learn more about employee satisfaction importance and topics covered in employee satisfaction surveys.