StatTrac – Easy Online Reporting

Online, Fast Survey Results:Reporting and Tracking Made Easy

Online, Fast Survey Results:Reporting and Tracking Made Easy

For the tracking research phase, efficient and effective information delivery is the critical element in order for the tracking research results to be fully leveraged toward performance improvement. Our online reporting system, StatTrac® can help you automate the delivery of information to drive improvement throughout your organization.
When you need information to make sound marketing and management decisions, you want it as soon as possible. StatTrac® is our response to your need for quick and timely results, delivering marketing research reports and information in record time.

StatTrac® gives you real-time, password-protected Internet access to your online survey results – from any location at any time.

Polaris offers interactive reporting, data access, and information distribution from our very secure website. Data collection, status updates, customized reports, toplines, crosstabs and statistical testing are also available.

StatTrac® can be accessed by multiple users and can handle data collected in any modality. Historic data as well as current data can be loaded into the system, preserving trend analysis capabilities.
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