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Polaris’ Brand Research White Papers:Insights and Best Practices

“Brand Experience Mapping for Brand Alignment”

Marketers understand that creating a powerful brand experience is critical to differentiating and strengthening brands. These brand experiences must be aligned with customer expectations and supportive of the brand position. In order to create an effective brand experience, marketers must know how the current brand is delivered across customer touch-points. From there, they must have the ability to describe key service process characteristics objectively, so that the brand experience can be standardized, replicated by employees and monitored. Service characteristics must be communicated so that employees, customers and managers alike know what the service is, can see their role in its delivery, and understand all the steps and flows involved and how the brand is expressed and strengthened in the service process. Brand Experience Mapping is one tool to facilitate the process of delivering a customer experience that enhances the brand.

“Brand Positioning: The Key to Brand Strength”

Brand positioning is the key to building a strong brand and gaining competitive advantage. Using the standard Brand Positioning statement format brings discipline to the process and ensures that all possibilities are considered and fully evaluated. This paper also presents methods for developing and evaluating brand positions.

“Efficient Brand & New Product Naming:Eight Steps to the Perfect Name”

Naming is one of the most difficult processes to undertake in new product introduction, as well as in on-going brand management. Especially in today’s complex world of instant information, globalization, and legal challenges, it is difficult to find a name that works for the product/service. Following a pre-defined process can help pro-duce a better outcome in a shorter timeframe. This white paper profiles such a process.

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