Brand Research Offerings

Our Wide Brand Research Offerings & Services: From Brand Audits to Brand Tracking

Our Wide Brand Research Offerings & Services: From Brand Audits to Brand Tracking

Effective brand management takes information. Not just about sales, revenue and profit, but also about how the marketplace perceives your brand. What are your brand’s strengths and weaknesses? How does your brand compare to the competition? How well does the target segment like and identify with your brand? What alternatives does the target segment see to selecting your brand?
Often, as marketers, we have plenty of financial and sales performance information and very little information that comes from the marketplace. And it is often this more subjective perspective that brings to light the real opportunities for our brands. Having only part of the information you need to manage your brand makes about as much sense as building a building without a blueprint.

Marketing research provides information to help you make the key decisions about your brand and where you want it to go. Does the target market find your brand appealing? Is your Brand Promise compelling and different from your competitors? Don’t guess at the answers to these and other critical question – know the answers.

Managing a brand without timely and accurate information isn’t just risky – it’s difficult and wastes resources. Understanding the market, what they want and need and how your brand is going to play makes your job much easier and allows you to focus all of your resources on hitting the target. And that is the most effective way to deliver a strong, consistent brand to the marketplace.

There are several types of marketing research you should include in managing your brand:

1) Brand Audits

2) Brand Architecture

3) Brand Positioning

4) Brand Tracking