Brand Positioning & Brand Tracking

Brand Positioning Research Will Help You Clearly Define and Differentiate Your Brand

Brand Positioning Research Will Help You Clearly Define and Differentiate Your Brand

The single most important element of managing your brand is to have a well defined and clearly differentiated brand position. This allows you to focus all of your company’s efforts and resources to building your ownership of that position and facilitates your brand being known for one compelling attribute in the mind of the customer.

Marketing research for branding enhances your ability to develop a compelling and advantageous position by giving you accurate and timely information about these areas. Guessing what your customers might think about your brand will not work; knowing for sure will help you get it right the first time.


Successful Brand Management Using Brand Tracking

Monitoring Brand Awareness, Perceptions, Positioning and Delivering on Brand Promise

Effective brand management relies on getting timely and accurate information from the target audiences. Brand tracking involves designing a program of measurement that is completed on a regular schedule to allow for trend analysis and comparison.

Some of the key metrics that are involved in tracking your brand include:

Brand awareness and familiarity
Brand perceptions
Brand positioning
Delivery on brand promise
Perceptions of competitive brands

Periodic measurement of key brand elements makes sure that your messaging and other actions are moving your brand in the right direction, or that you are maintaining a desired position. It is essential that you monitor the marketplace so that you can manage your brand.

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