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High-Tech Solutions Help Us with Creative Online Qualitative Research  Design


New, online qualitative research techniques have a number of advantages, including:

  • Significant savings in both money and time
  • Provides an innovative platform for exploring opinions, attitudes and behavior that might not otherwise be possibile with traditional qualitative research methods

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Our primary online qualitative research tool is 20|20 Technologies' QualBoard, built around "Bulletin-Board" technology that allows our Moderators, Clients and Participants to log in from anywhere and at any time most convenient to each. The communication is asynchronous (that is, questions, responses, comments occur at different times at the convenience of each party), which increases participation and helps our researchers dig deeper and cover more ground than in traditional, in-person settings.

Watch the QualBoard video to learn more about this great online research tool that our experienced moderators use for our online focus groups:



A True, Hybrid Solution for Integrating Quantitative-to-Qualitative Research

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 For many quantitative projects, researchers would love to explore the responses to some of the survey questions in-depth, but cannot probe beyond the traditional, usually inadequate "Why do you say that?" open-ended question.  QualLink offers an outstanding solution for in-depth qualitative probing integrated into an online quantitative survey by providing a quick, easy and transparent transition for linking specific survey respondents (based on their answers) to the QualBoard platform.  All of the respondent's answers to the survey question are available to the moderator for both context and in-depth probing.  QualLink is very cost effective and readily integrates into any of Polaris' online survey projects.

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