CSAT White Paper: Choosing Questions

Customer Loyalty

 While customer satisfaction surveys typically incorporate some of the major components found in customer loyalty surveys(such as recommendation and repurchase intent),customer loyalty surveys differ in that they are specifically geared toward predicting customer behavior.

Customer Sat Free Program Assessment

As the saying goes, a very satisfied customer may or may not repurchase from you, but a very loyal customer will. Polaris has been helping companies design and execute both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys for 20 years and we will work closely with you to identify and track your company's performance on the key customer perceptions, experiences, and touch-points that are shown to be the true drivers of customer loyalty.

Our Approach to Customer Loyalty

We gauge customer loyalty on three critical overall measures:

  1. Overall Satisfaction with Company
  2. Likelihood to Recommend Company
  3. Likelihood to Repurchase from Company

Based on our research, we define a customer as "loyal" (won't change companies based on price alone) only when they provide top-box ratings on all three of these measures. Research has shown that as loyalty measures diminish, a company becomes more than three times as vulnerable to competition based solely on price.

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