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Polaris Is a Full-Service Market Research Company

Founded in Atlanta by Jan Carlson in 1989, Polaris Marketing Research Co. has grown steadily, providing market research services to a long list of clients with an expert staff committed to quality state-of-the-art data collection and maximum customer satisfaction. Before starting his market research company, Carlson previously worked 10 years at BellSouth Corporation in Atlanta, where he coordinated the quality and customer satisfaction programs for all the BellSouth unregulated subsidiaries.

Undergoing six expansions since its founding in 1989, Polaris is a market research company with many long standing client relationships in place, and a strategic plan for strong and consistent growth.

Market Research that Makes a Difference

We know that beyond accuracy, quality reporting is the most critical element toward maximizing usability and ROI, so Polaris focuses on writing reports and/or making presentations that are easily understood and are provided with the end-user in mind (market research management/company management). We know market research reports that get read and are easily understood are always more likely to be used.