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2012 Cause Marketing Trends, Summaries, Predictions

Posted by John Grafton on Jan 24, 2012 8:00:00 AM

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This week's The Marketing Dialog was written by: Trisha Stezzi, Creative & Digital Director / Account Services/ For Momentum

With over 15 years of cause marketing experience, Trisha is adept at coming-up with fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and intuitive flashes of insight to create dynamic solutions. With her experience in cause marketing, event marketing & strategic partnerships, she has seen the dividends true collaboration and teamwork produce. Trisha leads, organizes, manages and plans from strategy through execution.  Her analytical and creative skills lead to successful revenue and awareness–generating efforts — for names such as Holiday Inn, Pfizer, Rebuilding Together and more.

In the spirit of For Momentum’s twINFO feature – here’s a handy list/breakdown of cause marketing/social good summaries, trends and predictions (in no particular order).  I’m sure AT LEAST 58 more of these have been posted within 30 seconds of this going live.  So, if you have any additional ‘finds’, please add them to our ‘Comment’ section.

OK, here goes…


Charitable Giving Set to Plateau in 2012 [STUDY]
Excerpt: Nonprofits that want more donations in 2012 had better up their game. A new study from Fenton and GlobeScan suggests that donations to nonprofits next year will remain at 2011 levels.

Two from Triple Pundit:

Cone Inc.’s Top 10 Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility Trends of 2011
Get Green (not what you think), No Bully, Limited Edition, Every Penny Counts, Zero Down, CR Kumbaya, Get Real, Retail Therapy, Good.0, Next Gen

Top 12 Predictions for Corporate Responsibility in 2012
#2: There will be a continued growth in employee-engagement programs.  If the economy continues to falter, we will see corporations supporting NGOs and nonprofits via employee volunteer programs rather than writing checks.  Organizations such as VolunteerMatch and Executives Without Borders will benefit.

#4: Increase in the number of cause marketing programs.  These continue to appeal to corporations as they are a way to add legitimacy to a program that can also drive revenues while helping the world (in some capacity). If done authentically, such programs can enhance a firm’s reputation in the eyes of consumers.

#5: The continued demise of checkbook philanthropy. This will happen in parallel with the the increases in cause marketing programs.

Two from Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog:

3 Trends in Digital Marketing for 2012
Katya’s take on three of the key trends that nonprofit marketing folks should watch relating to: Silverpop white paper on where digital marketing is headed in 2012. 

5 Scary Strategy Mistakes to Avoid in 2012
Excerpt: The Harvard Business Review has an excellent piece by Joan Magretta, who recently finished a two-year project looking at Michael Porter’s most important insights for managers.  She has identified 5 really dangerous strategy mistakes that are absolutely worth sharing.

2-Part Post from Cone, Inc.:

A Year in Cause & CR (Part 1)
A Year in Cause & CR (Part 2)
10 trends Cone, Inc. noticed in 2011: Get Green (not what you think), No Bully, Limited Edition, Every Penny Counts, Zero Down, CR Kumbaya, Get Real, Retail Therapy, Good.0, Next Gen

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog:

Where Marketing is Headed in 2012
Includes a brief slideshow of 3 Nonprofit Communications Trends from the aptly named 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report to be launched in late December 2011

Network For Good Blog:

2012 Cause Outlook: Corporate Generosity Here to Stay
Includes interesting links; discusses ‘One for One’ Model, Charity Starts at Home and Meeting Basic Needs

JWT Intelligence:

10 Trends for 2012: 2-minute video “teaser” (FREE!)
Here are a few teasers for the teaser:  “We vs. Me” generation ---synergistic not mutually exclusive; Green Movement to focus on impact of food choices.  Buy the report for $250


Top 2012 marketing trends: guruism, collective curation, seamless tech
Excerpt: “Cause with Effect:” With the lingering threat of a “cause bubble,” cause marketing must increasingly focus on making relevant, visible, and inspiring impacts.”


The Brand Keys 12 for 12: Brand and Marketing Trends for 2012: Part 1
#3 Inward Bound
Excerpt: Differentiation will increasingly come from a brand’s emotional offerings and finding what will best resonate with consumers. Doing what others do signals commodity, not brand. This is one suit that needs to be custom made. Personal connection and engagement will be more and more critical especially in today’s weakened economy.

Abnormal Marketing (Australia):

Top Marketing Trends for 2012

Good compilation of “prediction lists” here.


Wendy’s Takes Prize for Most Popular Tweet of 2011
Excerpt: Proving that social media is perhaps not a complete waste of time for brands, hamburger chain Wendy’s was recently awarded the Golden Tweet Award by Twitter. This honor goes to the Twitter user with the most popular tweet of the year, as measured by the number of times it gets retweeted.


Let’s Get Real: Six Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2012
These are straight-up social media trend predictions---but, if you are smart, you will consider how these might be applied to your cause strategies.


12 Marketing Predictions for 2012
Another social-media focused list, including it here for good measure (pun intended as ROI should be top of mind). 

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