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Don’t Be Surprised by Employee Satisfaction Surveys

employee satisfaction survey

It’s a beautiful day outside, you just got back from a nice vacation and to you, the world and your business seem fine.  Then someone tells you about a website called Glassdoor.com.  You go to the site to see if your company has any comments and lo and behold, your ‘good day’ could just become a very ‘bad day’.

Marketing Research Creates Brand Audit

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It seems that many companies struggle to understand their brands and especially, how to use their brand to support corporate strategic initiatives.  For many companies, the first step in enhancing and strengthening the brand is to conduct a Brand Audit.  A brand audit provides a comprehensive view of your brand, your market and your competitors' brands, and helps to identify opportunities you have to differentiate your brand by better meeting unmet consumer needs.

After the Rapture Or Delivering on the Marketing Research Promise

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If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably realized that the world did not end on Saturday, much to the dismay of Harold Camping, an 89 year-old California evangelical broadcaster, and his followers.  Camping’s California-based radio network, Family Radio Network, is not small since it broadcasts to over 66 U.S. stations and is heard in more than 30 languages through international affiliates.  In fact, some of his more fervent followers believed his doomsday prediction to the point of spending their life savings on billboards warning of Judgment Day and giving their pets to “non-believers” to care for once the “followers” are gone. 

Do Multiple Brand Marketing Images Work?

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Remember the old marketing axiom about not confusing your customers with multiple brand images?  One company has thrown that rule out the window and currently has several public brand images they use in their marketing effort.  Who is it?  Geico!

Brand Research: The Domino Pizza Effect


Pizza is a $35 billion per year industry, and a pizza company marketing its own pizza as tasting like “cardboard” is the last thing you would expect. But that is exactly what Domino’s Pizza did, on national television nonetheless! I am not a marketing research genius, but Marketing 101 typically discourages from criticizing one’s own brand. Fortunately for Domino’s, honesty was their best policy.

Customer Satisfaction Brings More WOM

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For most of my career, I have assumed the common wisdom of service recovery: that more people share their negative consumer experiences than their positive experiences.  That is why delivering excellent customer service and creating customer satisfaction - and at a minimum recovering well from negative service - is mandatory for businesses. 

Dear Mr. Trump: Try Some Brand Research!

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First off, it’s no easy feat to have greatness, power, and luxury associated with your name, especially when it comes to real estate. The Trump brand in real estate is synonymous with luxury, quality, and style. If you’ve ever been to New York City, Donald Trump has numerous high rise buildings that compose the skyline of the city. His real estate empire has expanded wherever money talks in the US- Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Miami to the likes of Seoul, Istanbul, and Dubai. For many middle class Americans, his empire is representative of the American dream. And those who can afford it want to own a piece of that dream.

Marketing Research versus Marketers

hot air balloon

There is a story that is often told about marketing researchers and how they communicate - or perhaps don't communicate - with marketers:

Using Hooks To Present Marketing Research Findings

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Why Dogs Don't Do Marketing Research

Last week, my colleague and self-proclaimed CatMan, John Grafton blogged in this space about cats and the qualities that they share with good marketing researchers.  For me, cats are OK. I've even had a couple as pets, but I would not define myself as a "cat person'.  No, I am much more of a dog lover, so I was intrigued by John's assertion that his dogs were not demonstrating an aptitude for marketing research.
Curious (cat-like?) and like the good researcher I am, I started observing the two canines who share our home: Molly, a geriatic cocker spaniel, and Ike, a Springer-Dalmation mix who, at 13, should be slowing down but still believes he's a puppy.  Aside from the obvious (no thumbs), do these two exhibit any characteristics in common with marketing researchers?
First, dogs love everyone.  As marketing researchers, we cannot love everyone - we have to be willing to discriminate, whether based on profitability, intent to purchase, satisfaction or loyalty, we are always looking to identify the more preferred segments of the market for our client.  
Next, Dogs are eager to please.  As marketing researchers, we can't be so eager to please that we can't occassionally deliver the cold hard truth to our clients.  Yes, they won't enjoy it and yes, they might not call us back.  But it is the right thing to do.  And no matter how much you wag your tail, it doesn't change the fact that bad news is difficult to deliver and difficult to receive.
Dogs (at least when they are younger) will retrieve a ball or a frisbee as many times as you are willing to throw it.  While love to have repeat clients, marketing researchers also have a responsibility at times to advise client to not do marketing research (or, in this analogy to not throw the ball).  Again, as much as we would like to do the research and as much as we profit from doing the research, sometimes the correct path is to advise the client against research.
Dogs follow you around.  Now, we suspect that our dogs follow us around because they are just always on the look out for food that might be available where we are.  But good marketing researchers don't follow.  We are objective and independent, and get our clients to follow us, at least to where the data takes us.
On the other hand, dogs are loyal, dedicated and fun-loving, and I have known many marketing researcher who could be descibed with those terms.  While it must be said that marketing researchers do occasionally run around in circles chasing their tails, I have concluded that John is - for the most part - correct:  cats make better marketing researchers than do dogs.
Dog People!  How are your dogs like marketing researcher?  Or not like marketing researchers?  Share your thoughts.

Can ‘Hope’ Be a Valid Market Research Finding?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding in London last Friday was covered live by eleven television networks in the US, with an average audience of 22.8 million viewers.  Attendance figures for the wedding are estimated to be more than 600,000, based on the fact that the capacity of Westminster Abbey is 2,200, and outside, since the 1981 wedding between Charles and Diana had an estimated crowd of 600,000, similar numbers were posted.

Is it me or does this tagline need marketing research?

keep climbing

This morning on the way into work I was listening to National Public Radio, which is sponsored by Delta Airlines (among others) when I heard for the first time, Delta's new slogan:  "Delta.  Keep Climbing."

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