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Correct Sample Ensures Marketing Research Success


"Sampling, statisticians have told us, is a much more effective way of getting a good census."  Rob Lowe

Marketing Research Incentives: Get Rewarded for Your Time


This weekend I participated in the Publix Georgia Marathon 5k!  This course is one of the most popular marathons in Atlanta and I was excited to run it for the first time. As this was my first time running competitively, I was looking forward to meeting fellow runners and celebrating this accomplishment with friends, but mostly getting my swag bag!

That's Not the Marketing Research I Wanted!

Dissatisfied customer

You participated in planning meetings, you talked at length with the end-user about the survey methodology, questionnaire and deliverables, you conducted and presented the research but at the presentation of results, they said “That’s not what I asked for!”  If that has happened to you even once, that's 'once' too many. 

Customer Satisfaction: A Tale of Three Retailers


Today is the official first day of Spring, but in Atlanta's garden centers, Spring arrived this weekend, and now is the time to fill in some of my garden beds with shrubs.  Because I want to match existing shrubs as much as possible, my first step was to call two major retailers to see if they had them in stock.  

Brand Research Removes Logo Uncertainty

Starbucks logo

For those avid Starbucks drinkers, you may already know that Starbucks had redesigned their logo and has rolled out their new logo on everything from their product packaging to the employees’ aprons. Additionally, they have also launched a new food line called “Petites”—they’re scrumptious dessert delights in the shape of a lollipop. They’re actually giving them away on March 10th through the 12th  between 2 to 5 PM if you buy a drink so go get them while they last (at participating stores, of course)! Click here to see what other menu additions they have in store.

Customer Satisfaction Comes from Customer Complaints

movie popcorn

Recently, I attended two events at my local movie theatre with the same potentially dangerous ending.  Both of these were HD simulcasts - one was an opera and the other was a figure-skating movie.  Now, both of these events attract what we might call an "older demographic."  And yet, when the presentation ended, the theatre did not raise the house lights.  In spite of noise from the audience asking for the lights to be turned on, we exited the theatre in the dark.  The first time, I counted five individuals with walkers.  The second time, I was just recovering from knee surgery and was on crutches myself.Believe me, it was dark and dangerous!

Let Management Know about Poor Customer Service

Tipping for Service

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and the service was terrible, or gone to a hairdresser, only to have your hair looking worse than it did before you got it cut? Well, if you’ve ever been dissatisfied with a service, do you still have to tip them? The NY Times had an interesting post on tipping when the service is bad. An etiquette expert, pointed out that tipping is a big part of a person’s livelihood (in a service industry), so what you tip should not be where you show disappointment with a service.  Instead you should voice your opinion at the time of dissatisfaction. Next time if the food at the restaurant is taking forever, you should tell your server at that time instead of leaving a poor tip or none at all, only leaving the server disappointed in the customer!

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