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Marketing Research Drives Customer Engagement in Social Media

wp1_six_reasons_white_200Social media marketing is no longer a trend – it’s a fact of marketing life and one of the most effective marketing tools to come along in years. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter enable customer engagement in a way and at a level that most companies haven’t imagined in their wildest dreams – and as any market research company will tell you, customer engagement is the cornerstone of customer loyalty. While most companies are still struggling to find effective ways to use these new platforms, others have launched campaigns that gained them customers, increased their profits and sent customer loyalty ratings skyrocketing. The difference, in most cases, is the quality of the marketing research done before launching their campaigns.
If any industry has embraced social media marketing to drive customer engagement and customer loyalty, it’s the coffee industry. Coffee giants Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters all boast Facebook pages with 27 million, 5 million and 500,000 Likes respectively. A deeper look at the statistics, though, suggests that the numbers really don’t tell the story about customer engagement.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters based its social media strategy on marketing research. Before mounting its social media campaign, the company employed customer satisfaction surveys, marketing surveys and online research tied to its retail coffee website to determine what would get – and keep – its customers talking. The results speak for themselves. An engaged customer is a loyal customer, but engaging your customers isn’t always as easy as you’d think. A good marketing research company will work with you to identify your customers’ priorities, evaluate customer satisfaction and provide you with the information you need to drive customer engagement.
And once you get your customers engaged and talking with you, they’ll talk about you to everyone they know. That’s what customer loyalty is all about.
In what ways do you engage your customers or people overall?

Customer Satisfaction Research and the Cruise Industry


Sometimes it takes a disaster to show how companies deal with crisis situations.  In the aftermath of the Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy, the industry association TravelAlliance reported that 37% of travel agents report being contacted by clients booked on 2012 cruises.  Of those customers, an estimated 10% have expressed interest in canceling their voyages.

Customer Satisfaction: Online Shopping vs. Brick and Mortar Retailers


Forbes ran an interesting article a couple weeks ago about some surprising customer satisfaction results from last Christmas's shopping season. It seems that holiday shoppers are increasingly coming to prefer shopping online to shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers. 

Customer Satisfaction Research vs. Advertising


For years, companies have relied strictly on advertising to bring in and retain customers but it appears now that customers may respond as well to marketing research as advertising to keep them satisfied with a company or brand.

Swiss Cheese and Marketing Research


We all know what Swiss cheese is – the cheese with the holes.  The holes, which are naturally formed during the fermentation process, allow air to pass through the cheese, giving it a distinctive taste and consistency.  In this case, holes are expected and good but when conducting marketing research, unexpected holes are bad.

WSJ: Survey Research breeds Feedback Fatigue


Last week (1/7/12), The Wall Street Journal reported on a phenomenon that they coined "feedback fatigue."  According to WSJ, "With emailed appeals for comments on commonplace transactions and customer-service calls that beget requests to take a survey, consumers are being pinged for opinions at a rate that has gotten some publicly grousing about a surfeit of surveys."

Funny Place Names Don't Need Marketing Research


Today's blog has nothing to do with marketing research.  Its only relationship to customer satisfaction is that I hope it makes you smile.  Sometimes, humor is enough.

Employee Satisfaction: How to Show Them You Care


Earlier this week, another of our Polaris editorial team, Danica Kwon, explored the idea via her blog that your employees are also your customers.  Some companies may dismiss this but others take it to heart.

Employee Satisfaction: Employees are Your Customers Too!

employee satisfaction research

With the start of the New Year many people are thinking or seeking a new job. Are you one of the many? A study released by Mercer, reported that a third of U.S. employees are doing just that. The survey also found that more than half of senior managers are among them. So why are people leaving?

Oops, They Did It Again!!


As reported in CBS Money Watch, "Verizon Wireless just took one of the fastest strategic U-turns in the history of customer relations. Last week, the company announced that it would add a $2 fee for one-time phone and online payments. People raised an immediate ruckus and Verizon rescinded the decision the next day." 

Amazon.com and Customer Satisfaction

Amazon logo

A new study by MarketTools shows that 60 percent of consumers would shop either online or at a ‘brick-and-mortar’ store more often because of good customer service while nearly 30 percent stated that they had stopped shopping at a specific store because of a bad shopping experience.

Does Speed Increase Customer Satisfaction?

fast resized 600

I think everyone would agree that faster service is better service.

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