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Analyze Your Big Data with a Customer Satisfaction Program

analyze big data

A recent survey report from Economist Intelligence Unit, says the biggest barrier of "Big Data" is "making effective use of data amid the sheer information overload". What good is having valuable data if it's getting lost in the masses?

Pay for Service: The Impact of Incentives on Customer Service

incentives and customer service

A couple weeks ago, J. C. Penny reinstated commissions for sales people.  As reported in Bloomberg, the retailer will cut pay and reinstate commissions to reinvigorate sales. Their goal is to reconnect with the customer by incentivizing their employees. Read why this may or may not work for J.C. Penny.

Branding to Women Tightrope: Strength vs. Beauty

branding to women consumers

In the U.S., women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from auto to healthcare to financial service, and annually spend about $5 trillion. So the challenges of targeting products to women is serious business. So it’s interesting how easily good marketing campaigns for women can become problems.

Brand Positioning: Did Joe Boxer Really Reposition Kmart?

K-Mart brand joe boxer viral video

The 2013 Christmas Season’s most controversial ad was definitely the Joe Boxer ad for K-Mart. Featuring a bell choir of men dressed in holiday-themed boxer shorts, shaking their hips in time to that perennial favorite, Jingle Bells, the ad quickly gained the nickname – ahem - Jingle Balls.  Some customers loved it, and K-Mart struck marketing gold when it quickly went viral.  The ad gained more than 7 million hits on YouTube and gave K-Mart far greater exposure than its media buys could deliver. 

Online Surveys: More Questions Equals More Insight?

minimize survey questions

What's our answer? No. What's most important is asking the right questions. So how do you know what the right questions to ask are? Well, doing some statistical analysis can shorten and improve your survey while still getting you valuable insight -- and probably save you money. Here's an overview of 3 types of analysis you or your marketing research team can run...

Marketing or Marketing Research First?

marketing or marketing research first

The chicken or the egg? Marketing or marketing research? Time to time we get calls asking for us to do 'marketing' for a product not knowing that as a marketing research company we don't do marketing. Which brings me to writing this blog article on what the difference between marketing and marketing research is and which one is best for you?

Happy Holidays from Polaris Marketing Research

happy holidays 2013

Happy Holidays to all our blog readers. We wish everyone a happy and healthy holidays. We'll be back with new blogs in 2014!

Cost of Christmas Up 7.7% in 2013: Scrooge is Happy!

The cost of Christmas 2013

The improving economy is a great thing, but not if you are planning on being a True Love and giving your heart’s delight all of the gifts listed in the venerable song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  The total cost of those gifts, as calculated by the economists at PNC bank, will be $27, 393.17, a whopping increase of $1,961.99 over 2012!  And that’s if you only give each gift once.  If you repeat the gifts as frequently as the song prescribes, the “true” cost of Christmas is actually $114,651.18 for all 364 gifts.

Are Customer Loyalty Programs Created Equal?

Customer loyalty starbucks gift card

Last month I received a Starbucks gift card, and like so many other Starbucks gift cards that I had received, used and trashed I decided to do something different with this one. I registered my gift card to enter in their customer loyalty card program. Here's my experience so far...

Survey Says: 2013 Thanksgiving Weekend Spending Increases

2013 black friday sales

Now that most of us are back from the Thanksgiving Holidays, you may have heard that retail shopping increased from last year. Were you part of the statistic?

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