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Six Compelling Reasons for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

How to Keep Customers and Win Back Lost Ones

Polaris Marketing Research was founded 25 years ago as a customer satisfaction marketing research company.  Several years ago, we developed a white paper about why customer satisfaction is important for companies. 

4 Key Trends to Watch in New Product Development

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Our world is constantly evolving and with that comes major challenges and solutions. In order to keep up with the constant evolution of technology is the continuing challenge of creating successful new products. As reported in our monthly newsletter Avomeen Analytical Services reports: “End of the year reports show that, overall, 2013 research and development (R&D) expenditures have stayed relatively flat over the year. In 2014, however, the R&D industry is forecasted to see some growth. … In total R&D funding for 2014 is projected to increase 3.2 percent in the United States. This would make the gross annual spending amount $465 billion.”

Customer Loyalty Rewards: Customer Boon or Bust?


You can’t really go to a retailer these days without being asked for your loyalty card, and loyalty programs are popular in all types of online retailers and service providers, as well. I know people who use a bank credit card because they get a rebate on their mortgage payment, who buy groceries to get a rebate on gas, and a few who haven’t paid for an airline flight in years.

Safety Videos Brand Airlines with Creativity

Free Brand Mistakes Webinar

The very first time you flew on an airplane, you probably paid attention to the safety instructions. Then, the more you flew, the less and less attention you paid, to the point where you just kept reading or listening to your music, without even lifting your eyes to the flight attendant or video. “Yeah, yeah, I know…fasten your seatbelt low and tight around your hips…tray table in an upright and locked position…put your oxygen mask on before helping others. Right. Got it.”

New Product Research: 5 Lessons Learned from the Obamacare Launch

New Product Research White Paper

We don’t need to beat a dead horse: Obamacare (officially known as the Affordable Care Act) as a new product launch was an unmitigated disaster. An Epic FAIL. A complete and total mess. And you all know what would happen to you if you were responsible for a product launch like this in your company.  Yup – adios! And good luck living this one down!

Customer Satisfaction is NOT Customer Loyalty, but Which is Better?

CSAT White Paper: Choosing Questions

Customer satisfaction or customer loyalty: which would you rather have?

Social Media Usage Breakdown

social media info
Conducted by Polaris Marketing Research and Research Now.

Pharmacies Take on Wellness to Meet Consumer Needs

Free White Paper: The Key to Brand Strength

A few weeks ago, CVS Caremark announced that it will stop selling cigarettes and all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and snuff. And while this is a $2B hit to sales annually, it is perfectly aligned with changing the strategic positioning of the brand. While the tobacco companies have long since turned their sight to markets outside the U.S. for growth and will probably not miss CVS one bit, it will not be long before other pharmacies follow CVS’ lead on banning smoking products.

Is Trop 50 a New Product Success or Failure?

New Product Research White Paper

Have you seen the commercials? At first, they featured beautiful, blond, self-centered Jane Krakowski expressing shock that her friends would think that she would need to “have work done.” Her beauty secret is not plastic surgery, but a reduced calorie orange juice from Tropicana called Trop 50.

The Changing Face of Service Response with Social Media

How to Keep Customers and Win Back Lost Ones

My son recently purchased a used Subaru Outback from a highly reputable national used car dealer.  For insurance, he selected an online company who does a lot of television advertising. This company told him that, if he would install a device that would let them monitor his driving, he might earn a discount on his premium. Sounds like a good deal, right? So the device arrived in the mail and was duly installed. And then it immediately fried the Outback’s computer system.

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