Monthly Archives - October 2015

Mixing Marketing Research and Philanthropy

I have blogged a few times about the opportunity to use your marketing research dollars to support causes while also getting your project done. It's an idea that especially intrigues me now, when so many non-profit organizations are struggling to find new sources of revenue and to increase donations. And it's a bad new double whammy, as non-profit organizations [...]

Brand Research: So Who Are You – Really? (Part 2 of 2)

As we discussed earlier this month, there is great value in taking time-out for a long, hard look at your business. From a marketing research perspective, this also gives you the opportunity to pull together all the data and insight you've collected - hopefully being able to create some over-arching insight that will guide strategy development. In this [...]

Five Tips for Online Survey Research

It is helpful to think of the stages of a performance when you are putting together an online survey. For example, you would never launch a performance without a rehearsal, but there are many online surveys launched without testing! So whether your musical performance tastes are rock and roll, classical, or country and western, take a look at [...]

3 Reasons Why Brand Value is Worth More Now than Ever

There's a dilemma in branding, that the value of a brand is diminishing due to the internet and multi social media platforms. Some argue because so much information is out there readily available the research isn't necessary anymore. Well, our branding expert couldn't disagree more. Here are her 3 important functions of a brand and why the research is [...]

New Product Research: Innovation Doesn’t Always Equal Success

In February of this year, Coke announced the first frozen beverage in the 31-year old Diet Coke brand lineup. In an exclusive agreement with 7-Eleven stores, Coke launched Diet Coke Frost Cherry with its usual advertising and media fanfare. And many welcomed the introduction of another diet Slurpee product to 7-Eleven. (Currently, the only diet Slurpees available are Fanta [...]

Are Brand Taglines a Thing of the Past?

After 40 years, Burger King is abandoning the “Have it Your Way” slogan in favor of the new “Be Your Way.” Huh? That’s right. “Be Your Way.” In an interview with Huffington Post, Fernando Machado, Burger King's senior vice president of global brand management, explained “that "Have It Your Way" focuses only on the purchase — the ability to customize a [...]

Brands Need to Evolve Before They Become Extinct

If you are like me, your Mom had a subscription to at least one of the venerable publications known as the Seven Sisters. Meredith Publishings’ Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and Hearst’s Women’s Day, Redbook and Good Housekeeping all targeted the married-with-children home-maker. In fact, my Mom had a couple subscriptions – or she traded [...]

Tracking Customer Satisfaction: 5 Compelling Benefits

You’ve heard the old saying “what gets measured gets done.” And it’s not very convincing to tell your employees and the marketplace that your company is customer focused if you’re not even taking basic measurements of customer experience, such as satisfaction and loyalty. None the less, I think we can all agree by this time that customer focus pays [...]